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The best digital menu and ordering platforms for restaurants in 2021

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We break down the most popular platforms that help turn your restaurants' ordering ecosystem, digital. With Hospitality venues being hit the hardest due to the Covid-19 crisis, many business owners have had to rapidly pivot and look for solutions that will bring their in-venue ordering and takeaway/delivery systems online. Let's dive into our top picks:


Supported by big-name investors such as Neil Perry and Justin Hemmes, Me&U is the second startup by entrepreneur Stevan Premutico (former Dimmi founder).

Me&U- tap to order
Source: Me&U Instagram

How it works

It's simple, place the beacons (which never need to be charged) on each table and customers can tap to view your full menu using the embedded NFC chip or by scanning the QR code with their smart device. Once they land on your digital menu (no app download required), customers will have a faster and seamless ordering experience without requiring the need for waitstaff.


• Design your own menu in-line with your branding by adding your brands colours and logos.

• You're in full control of all items you add to your digital menu including making on-the-go changes such as when something is sold out or a when dish will take longer to prepare due to a busy rush.

• Works with a big list of existing POS systems- allowing a smooth and integrated transition to your existing workflow

Marketing Functions

• Build your venue's mailing list with email marketing list building features

• Get hourly updates on payments and orders

• Encourage guests to review their experience once they've paid payment

Staff Training

On integrating the system, they will train your staff on how to use and make the most out of the platform. Me&U also offers a support line 7 days a week until late at night.


Bopple is an is an online ordering platform that gives venue owners the opportunity to offer pick up and delivery services without the gigantic commissions taken by apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Source: Bopple website

How it works

Bopple is an online ordering platform and gives venues the opportunity to offer pickup or delivery asap, or sometime in the future, giving customer the option to order and pay in advance. By allowing venues to handle deliveries themselves, Bopple hands over greater control of the customer experience to the venues.

Setting up your venue with Bopple is fairly simple. You'll end up with a dedicated Bopple website like the above example which you can link to from your own website.


• Lets your customers pay in advance.

• Simple, easy to set up and manage platform.

• Option to add on a white label app for your venue.

• Manager Dashboard enables you to set your opening hour, wait times, delivery times and menu items as well as track your performance and revenue.

• Flexible pricing starts at $49 AUD per month with 1.6% per order. This includes all taxes and hosting costs and comes with a free QR code generator and COVID safe guest check in. • No up-front fees or lock-in contracts for your business.

Marketing Functions

• Full control over pricing and delivery.

• Flexible pricing and plans for venues.

• Download your customer data and utilise it within your other marketing channels eg: email marketing.

• Track daily performance with the Manager Dashboard.


HungryHungry is a digital ordering and menu platform that combines the best of Me&U and Bopple into one service. With HungryHungry you can take digital orders from the table, offer pre-order, pick-up, drive-up or contactless delivery.

HungryHungry dashboard. Source: HungryHungry website


• Once you've set up your digital menu, chose how customers order from you: pre-order, dine in, pick up, drive up or delivery.

• Your digital menu is completely customisable to your brand. The URL for your venue would read something like:

• When dining in, customers can scan a QR code or visit a URL at the table to order via the digital platform.

• Customers make instant payments via the online platform (no app download needed) and even have the option to split bills.

• Add dietary filters and up-sell functionality to your digital menu

• Platform reporting gives you insights into sales data and customer behaviour such as location sales and heatmaps.

Marketing Functions

• HungryHungry offers the the build of mobile friendly websites and marketing campaigns such as the use of promo codes and SMS marketing.

• Get access to the data of all customers who use your digital menu, allowing you to build relationships with rewards, or send out offers and notifications.

• You have the ability to customise your digital menu and place high value items at the top, add upsells and highlight specials.

• Customers can choose to give feedback that isn't made available on a public forum.

Meaning you get honest and direct feedback - enabling you to quickly respond and adapt to your changing consumer.

Mr Yum

Mr Yum prides itself for helping venue owners 'make the numbers work'. With a super low commission rate and no hidden costs, you can focus on reinvesting your profits into your business, rather than seeing them get eaten up by companies like UberEats and Deliveroo.

Mr Yum is a digital menu platform that integrates at-table ordering (via QR code), pick-up and delivery with no need for customers to download an app as everything is web-based.

You can watch this video for a quick 2 minute summary of how Mr Yum can work for your venue:


• Easy integration with over 20 point of sale (POS systems).

• Once you've set up your digital menu, chose how customers order from you: pre-order, dine in, pick up, or delivery.

• You'll get your own dedicated website via Mr Yum eg:,

• Manage your orders, communicate with customers as well as update your photos and pricing in an instant via the platform backend.

• The customer pays on the web platform via card, Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

• If you don't have capacity to arrange your own deliveries, Mr Yum can connect you with their delivery partners that are reliable and affordable.

• Includes a free COVID-19 guest register tool.

Marketing Functions

• View and export detailed customer data (including emails) and purchase behaviour.

• Access your businesses trend reports and analytics.

• The platform enables customers to filter by dietary requirements and gives you the opportunity to up-sell, cross-sell, create specials, offers and vouchers.

• Track advertising performance and retarget your customers with their Facebook pixel tool.

As we see more businesses forced to adapt to the rapid changes affecting the hospitality industry, we'll see more and more digital platforms like these pop up in an effort to help restaurants, pubs and bars stay afloat. There are plenty of amazing and powerful tools out there that can transform your business into the digital world super fast, at a reasonable cost. Now, over to you to weigh up the pros and cons of each platform and make the best choice for your venue.

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